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Unique Poetry, all available from the publisher and on Amazon.


Guilt! Shame! Embarrassment! These are the three most powerful reasons why people feel their sins are unforgivable. Intellectually, Christians know God forgives, but emotionally, they won't accept self-forgiveness. Why? They confuse temptation with sin. Some people say, "If I were a good Christian, I shouldn't be tempted!" Wrong! Paul wrote extensively in Romans  7 about his internal struggle between the flesh and the spirit. These poems offer a unique way to address the conflict between the heart, soul, mind, and spirit. So, forgive yourself because Jesus loves you anyway.

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A minnow and a whale. A flea and an elephant. Can this assortment of unlikely creatures assist us with the spiritual conflicts we face everyday?

Yes. By resenting Biblical truths in parable form. Humorous but pithy stories told be these four unique characters offer insight into the words of the Apostle Paul in II Corinthians 4:18. "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For the seen is temporary, while what is unseen is eternal."

(I love this book. Valerie.)

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Do you ever feel hopeless or depressed? Join the club. It's almost impossible to live in this world without experiencing lows from time to time. Some people can overcome these feelings of loss through sheer willpower. However, there are occasions when we are weighed down by personal defeats that lead us to an overwhelming sense of helplessness. Hope for the Broken Spirit presents a series of poems and Scriptures to help the reader overcome anxiety and depression.

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Broken bones mend. Flesh wounds heal. But where is the emergency room we can rush to when our hearts are broken? Divorce, adultery, spousal abuse, childhood sexual abuse, and addiction to alcohol, drugs, or pornography tear deep, gaping holes in the most tender of organs. There's no bandage and no surgery that will heal those wounds of the soul. However, forgiveness, mercy, and grace become a soothing balm in restoration. Whether you are the victim of a broken heart or the perpetrator of the harm, these poems will assist in your spiritual healing.

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This is the last book Glenn wrote, published posthumously. It is very dear to my heart as I believe it sums up his life - he found his God-Given purpose, which was to help people find the Savior.

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Do you ever feel as if God doesn't love you and therefore conclude you have no hope? But God always loved us and it is Satan who causes the hopelessness, not God. How then do we overcome our hopelessness? God is the ultimate provider of hope. If we turn to him and the Holy Spirit for guidance, our God-given purposes will become clear, and then we'll be able to follow the quests to accomplish our missions in life. If you feel your spiritual life is at a crossroads, read the real-life stories I've included and meditate on the Scriptures to strengthen your hope and to help you discover your purpose.

When Glenn was diagnosed with cancer, he interrupted writing the above book to chronicle his journey through the disease. (Only on Amazon)

In 2019, I was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, and doctors predicted I'd have three years to live. While undergoing treatment, I asked myself some hard questions on how to prepare for death. Will my wife be financially secure? Am I prepared for eternity? And many other questions. If you or a loved one has a terminal diagnosis, I pray my answers will help you along your journey.

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These books all contain powerful and thought-provoking messages and are available from the publisher and on Amazon.


What career wold Jesus follow if he came to the earth today? I believe he would be a farmer, working sixteen-hour days in denim overalls. As he did in Judea, he would possess human characteristics--a face, eyes, ears, hands, feet, arms, and back. His body wold be brutalized as it was two thousand years ago. Not only on a Roman cross, but by mobs of followers who would turn on him when their ears were no longer tickled by his words. 

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be God and have human attributes at the same time? Our God Wears Denim Overalls examines the suffering Jesus endured on earth, but also explores the beauty of heaven that Jesus can see, and we, as his followers, will be entitled to experience after the resurrection.

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Have you ever been surrounded by people smarter, richer ,and more physically attractive than you? Or, no matter how hard you try, you can't achieve the lofty accomplishments that your co-workers reach? The Tree No One Wanted felt disillusionment to his core. He was teased and bullied, even though he did nothing to deserve the ridicule from his peers. Yet, he held strong, and grew to maturity to serve a Godly purpose no tree had ever been called upon to do before.

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Have you ever wondered where Jesus might worship if he came to earth for a visit? Would he choose a magnificent cathedral or would he join a rag-tag group sitting under a tree? Is there a "right" way or a "wrong" way to worship? Is worship an individual act, or can it only occur in unison with other like-minded people? Where Egos Dare presents a series of Scriptures and poems that highlight the First Century concept of worship. Whatever your worship preference, may these words inspire you to seek a closer walk with God.

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What happens to a soldier's soul when he dies? Does he pay for his sins, or will God forgive him and offer eternity in heaven? The fog of war confuses the boundaries between what mortals think of as the good guys and the bad guys.

Just assume for a moment that God's angels and Satan's demons battle over mortal souls. Satan would have to train his army of evil warriors to excel in this business. How does he set up his boot camp? What methods does he encourage his dark knights to use against humans?

Enter the worlds of heaven and hell to see how both God and Satan seek the souls of mankind's armies. What you will find is God's love and Satan's hate is the same for both soldier and civilian. Don't stop reading this book once you enter the realms of heaven and hell. Your eternity's destination could be in the balance!

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These two books are available from the publisher and on Amazon.

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Marriage sometimes end in divorce. A person is healthy one minute, then a routine physical reveals terminal cancer, and medical bills wipe out any savings. Jobs are lost, children don't respond to parental teaching. Sons and daughters return home from was with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I could list a dozen moe tragic losses. How do we cope, or is coping the answer? I believe we need to face these difficulties and setbacks with a different mindset. Instead of merely treating our problems with a salve--coping--we need to delve into the core and search for the beauty in life's ugliness.

How do we find the beauty? There is only one way--by looking to the cross. The world scorned Jesus as being ugly,but he arose in the beauty of eternal life. Following his example will give us the courage so we, too, can face life's ugliness by discovering its deep, inner beauty.

Since time began, there has been a struggle between the light and darkness that dwell within us. We are all ensnared by these battles between light and dark, good and evil, right and wrong, and the flesh and the spirit.

What is the nature of this darkness? What is the light that pulls us away from the darkness?Can we survive this constant war?


Not only can we survive, we can overcome and prevail. This book provides practical tools to aid in the conflict between what we want to do and what we ought to do. Have you been savaged by a divorce? Do you have a difficult time maintaining a meaningful relationship? Are you struggling with abuse, addiction, trauma, grief, or PTSD? The message in Soular Eclipse will strengthen your resolve to live in the light.

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